03/10/2005 Deep Ecology  
The Deep Ecology Movement

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Deep Ecology is a state of being rather than an organised movement. It arises from a deep awareness of our common ecological roots, which can be cultivated & sustained by meditation, contemplation, & physical contact with the earth, & re-inforced by appropriate ritual. Deep Ecologists see all life as a a web of interconnections in time & space. What is happening today is viewed in terms of what happened millions of years ago, what happened yesterday, & what will happen in the future. Everything in the universe is the result of these interconnections.

For the Deep Ecologist, this sense of inter-connectedness is the essential motivation for all ecological activity. Without it, action can all too easily be 'human-centered' - the very perspective which led to the problems all ecologists are now working to solve. Our very humanity is at odds with what we are trying to accomplish. Contemplation, meditation, & for those who feel comfortable with them, re-earthing rituals play an important part in breaking down our anthropocentric conditioning, & are deliberately undertaken by the deep ecologist. They help us re-establish our physical, emotional & spiritual connections with the web of life, in which no one particle has greater or lesser importance than any other.

It follows from this that Deep Ecology is non-violent, non-judgemental & non-confrontationalist. It encompasses rather than proscribes differing views & seeks to support people when they feel, very naturally, fearful of, or threatened by concepts that challenge everything that civilised humanity has been taught to believe about our place in the universe.

Deep Ecologists can & do work with many other groups. Deep ecology helps you develop a deeper philosophical base - a 'faith' to sustain you when doubts & difficulties threaten to overwhelm you, & a broader motivation than personal fears & concerns.

There are Deep Ecology Newsletters, groups, & websites in many countries. Do an Internet search, or look in your phone book or community directory. Local Environmental organisations may also have some contact information.

Margaret RainbowWeb
Adelaide, 1988.


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